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09 Apr 2021

If you have purchased a Cigna Travel Insurance policy, you’ll be covered for COVID-19 if you traveling within a New Zealand Government approved travel bubble, but conditions apply. Keep reading for more details.

Before travelling, please read the following information as well as our previous COVID-19 travel alerts and your policy document. Please ensure you keep checking this page for any updates.

If you travel overseas within a New Zealand Government sanctioned travel bubble we’ll provide the following Special COVID-19 Cover to Cigna Travel Insurance policyholders, subject to the Conditions of Cover.

Special COVID-19 Cover

1. If you contract COVID-19 before you travel to a destination within any approved bubble

a) If either you or your travel companion or relative contracts COVID-19 in New Zealand after you purchase your policy (but before you travel) we’ll pay any travel interruption or cancellation costs if you need to alter your travel plans or cancel your trip as a result.

2. If COVID-19 affects you while you are overseas on your trip to a destination within any approved bubble

a) If either you or your travel companion or relative contract COVID-19 while you’re on your trip we’ll pay any related medical costs (outside of New Zealand) or additional travel costs you incur. This includes any costs related to returning to New Zealand early if you have a responsibility as a carer for someone who contracts COVID-19 in New Zealand while you’re on your trip.

b) If you’re required to enter into managed isolation or quarantine while you’re on your trip because you have or are suspected of having contracted COVID-19 (including being identified as a close contact of someone who has COVID-19) we’ll pay any costs associated with your isolation or quarantine order. This includes any additional travel costs for your managed isolation or quarantine.

3. If COVID-19 results in any cancellations before or during your trip to a destination within any approved bubble

a) If a travel provider, a relative with whom you planned to stay with or an event organiser has to cancel or alter their services due to an outbreak of COVID-19 at their business or location which:

  1. is within the approved bubble and

  2. which results in an order to undertake a deep clean

we’ll pay any cancellation or reasonable additional travel costs.

Conditions of Cover – including what’s not covered

All claims will be settled in accordance with your standard policy limits and terms and conditions.

1. COVID-19 cover applies only for travel within a bubble sanctioned by the New Zealand Government from the date the bubble opens. If you move outside of the physical boundaries of any New Zealand Government approved bubble COVID-19 cover will not apply.

2. You aren’t covered if a directive by any government interferes with your trip. This includes (but isn’t limited to) directives that cause a bubble to be paused, closed or suspended and also includes any consequences of a directive such as a travel provider altering or cancelling their services.

3. You also aren’t covered for any directive for all travellers within a bubble (or a region or location within a bubble) to enter into any form of mandatory isolation, quarantine or lockdown. This includes any mandatory requirement for travellers to enter into managed isolation upon their return to New Zealand.

4. You must comply with any and all travel requirements set out by any government or travel provider.

5. The Special COVID-19 Cover doesn’t apply to any travel involving a cruise of any type.

Definitions applying to these benefits

You” – is you or anyone travelling with you and insured on your Cigna Travel Insurance policy.

Travel “bubble” – in this document a travel “bubble” refers to a special travel arrangement sanctioned and approved by the New Zealand Government allowing travellers from New Zealand to visit other countries, foreign territories or states without the need to enter into any form of mandatory isolation or quarantine either in New Zealand or overseas. It doesn’t include any arrangement the New Zealand Government isn’t a party to.

Government” – includes any national or state government who are parties to any bubble arrangement and their officials.

Directive” – A “directive” is any direction, statement or order by any approved government authority or their appointed officials (be it at a national, State or regional level) which makes your travel to your destination(s) impossible or unreasonably risky or which causes you or any other party to cancel or alter your trip. Examples include:

a) The closure of borders or regions;

b) Requirements to go into a state of lockdown or quarantine;

c) An order to remain in a particular location

Travelling outside of a NZ Government sanctioned bubble

Your policy has exclusions which limit your ability to claim for events related to issues such as COVID-19 if you travel outside of a NZ Government sanctioned bubble. To find out what you’re covered for please read our COVID-19 Travel Alert.

A final word about travel bubbles

The New Zealand Government have stated it’s likely that outbreaks of COVID-19 could cause travel bubbles to close or be suspended without warning. These closures or suspensions could come from any of the national or state governments who are parties to the bubble arrangement.

They have also warned that travellers should understand that if this happens there’ll be no official support available for anyone affected. This will likely lead to extra costs for impacted travellers.

Due to the volatile nature of COVID-19, we are unable to provide cover in the event of these types of government/State directives which can happen without warning. This includes anyone whose plans are affected by a decision which prevents them from departing on their trip.

Please keep in mind that we continue to operate in uncertain times and that not all losses can be covered.

Please review your policy wording and our COVID-19 Travel Alert for more information about what your policy covers.