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Travel Alerts are provided by Cigna New Zealand for your information and safety. They can impose restrictions on your coverage and should be read and understood before you purchase a policy. Your policy also requires you to exercise caution when travelling whether an alert has been published on this site or not. Alerts should be read in conjunction with the Policy Wording which details any terms, conditions or exclusions which may also apply to your coverage. Call us if you have any questions about this.


09 Apr 2021

COVID-19 Cover within a New Zealand Government approved...

If you have purchased a Cigna Travel Insurance policy, you’ll be covered for COVID-19 if you traveling within a New Zealand Government approved travel bubble, but conditions apply. Keep reading for ...

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01 Apr 2020

Worldwide: COVID-19

If you have a Cigna Travel Insurance policy and travel inside a NZ Government approved travel bubble, you’ll have some cover for claims relating to COVID-19.

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16 Jan 2020

Philippines: Taal Volcano eruption

15 January 2020 – The Taal Volcano, located less than 100 km south of Manila, is currently experiencing intense unrest.The Taal Volcano alert status was raised to Alert Level 4 (hazardous eruption i...

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14 Aug 2019

Hong Kong: Protests

14 August 2019 – There have been a series of demonstrations and protests against a controversial extradition bill in Hong Kong, beginning early June 2019. Protestors have disrupted train services, r...

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04 Jul 2019

Italy: Stromboli eruption

4 July 2019 – A series of volcanic eruptions on the Italian island of Stromboli have caused tourists to evacuate. The volcano began pouring out lava and volcanic rocks, and filled the sky with volca...

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02 Jul 2019

Papua New Guinea: Mt Ulawun and Manam eruptions

2 July 2019 – Two volcanos have erupted in Papua New Guinea, destroying buildings, blocking roads, and covering nearby towns in hazardous ash. Flights have been disrupted due to the ash clouds. Mt ...

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27 May 2019

Indonesia, Bali: Mt Agung Erupts

27 May 2019 – Mt Agung in Bali erupted at approximately 11.30 pm Friday 24 May 2019 (NZST), spilling out lava and stones, and covering nine villages in thick ash. The volcanic ash caused several fli...

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30 Jul 2018

Vanuatu: Manaro Voui Volcano

The Government of Vanuatu has issued a state of emergency and ordered the immediate compulsory evacuation of the population of Ambae to the neighbouring island of Maewo.

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04 Jul 2018

Bali Volcano: Mt Agung

There has been a marked increase in seismic activity from Mt Agung Volcano in Bali, Indonesia. Eruptions occurred in late June and early July 2018, and the potential for further activity remains.

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