Trauma Insurance

Why choose Cigna Trauma Insurance

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Relax knowing you’re covered

  • A comprehensive critical illness cover that pays out a lump sum you can spend on what matters to you
  • Choose your level of cover between $20,000 and $1 million
  • Available to New Zealand residents aged 18-60 years old

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Simple, affordable policies

  • Premiums start from as little as $20 per month
  • The premium you pay is tailored to you. If you're in good health and live a healthy lifestyle, your premium will be lower.
  • Getting covered is easy, simply call 0800 244 007 to talk to one of our Customer Service Team

Rely on Cigna

You can rely on Cigna

  • Cigna already protects more than 350,000 Kiwis
  • We’ve been insuring New Zealanders against life’s more challenging situations for close to a century
  • You’re in safe hands with us

What you need to know

Cigna Trauma Insurance can help protect your family’s financial future if you find yourself having to deal with the unexpected costs of a serious illness or trauma. You’re covered for a wide range of common illnesses and events. And unlike some similar policies, we pay out the full amount of your cover if you lose the capacity to perform two out of five basic daily activities like bathing, dressing or feeding yourself – even when it’s not the result of one of the policy’s listed illnesses. A full list of common illnesses and events is specified in the policy wording.


  • You’ll receive a full or partial lump-sum cash benefit (subject to a 14-day survival period) that you are free to spend as you wish, such as paying off your mortgage, covering any medical expenses, paying for rehabilitation or paying off any debt.
  • You’ll have 30 days to review your policy. If it doesn’t meet your needs you can cancel your cover for a full refund of any premiums paid.

Need to know

  • Cigna’s Trauma Insurance provides cover for serious conditions including Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, Major Organ Transplant, Chronic Kidney Failure, Chronic Liver Disease and, Chronic Lung Disease.
  • Our policy also covers for conditions that have a major impact on the Person Insured's life, such as loss of use of multiple limbs, permanent blindness in both eyes, and major head trauma. You'll find more details about the conditions we cover and to what level in our policy wording.

Full policy

  • The conditions listed is not an exhaustive list of what is covered. It is also important to know that on some of the covered conditions you’ll receive a 100% pay out for others it is a partial pay out. To see all the conditions that are covered and to what payment level please read the policy wording
  • As with all policies there are some exclusions. Make sure to familiarise yourself with these in section 6 in the policy wording



We aim to pay claims as quickly as possible


Making a claim is simple.

We'll assist you with the paperwork if you need help.


We'll have a look at your claim form.

We'll get back to you if anything else is needed.


Receive payment in your bank account.

If your claim is covered by your policy, we'll pay you. No loopholes.

Why Cigna?

We’ve had Kiwis’ backs for close to a century, and protect more than 350,000 customers with simple, affordable insurance products and services.

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Cigna Life Insurance NZ Limited ("Cigna") has an A (Excellent) financial strength rating which was given by A.M Best Company Inc..

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