Travel Alerts

Indonesia: Earthquake

30 July 2018 – A magnitude 6.4 earthquake occurred on the Indonesian island of Lombok at 12pm Sunday 29 July 2018 (NZST).

Vanuatu: Manaro Voui Volcano

30 July 2018 - The Government of Vanuatu has issued a state of emergency and ordered the immediate compulsory evacuation of the population of Ambae to the neighbouring island of Maewo.

Japan, Taiwan & China: Typhoon Maria

11 July 2018 - Typhoon Maria has made landfall in Japan as a Category 5 storm causing extensive flooding and landslides across the country. In some areas people have been evacuated and many are without power or homes.

Bali Volcano: MT AGUNG

4 July 2018 - There has been a marked increase in seismic activity from Mt Agung Volcano in Bali, Indonesia. Eruptions occurred in late June and early July 2018, and the potential for further activity remains.

Hawaii: Kilaueaa volcano

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupted on Friday 4 May (NZST) and has caused 1500 residents to be evacuated from their homes on the island of Hawaii.

France railway strikes

11 April 2018 - French railway workers have begun three months of rolling strikes during union negotiations. Strikes have been called for two days out of every five until the end of June. This is expected to cause considerable disruptions to travel in France and some international lines.

Cyclone Gita

Tropical Cyclone Gita made landfall in Tonga as a Category 4 cyclone on 12 February 2018. It caused extensive flooding and damage to the region and is expected to hit Fiji on 14 February 2018.

Bali Volcano: Mt Agung

On 19 September the National Disaster Management Authority for Indonesia raised the volcanic alert level for Mount Agung volcano on Bali.

Hurricane Maria

20 September 2017 - Hurricane Maria made landfall as a Category 5 hurricane which may weaken to a Category 4 as it makes its way through the Caribbean region

Mexico earthquake

20 September 2017 - A magnitude 7.1 earthquake has struck in the Mexican state of Puebla with localised damage and some reports of damage in Mexico City.