Travel Alerts

United States of America: Government shutdown

10 January 2019 – The United States government shutdown is predicted to cause delays at airports as increased numbers of staff are absent from work. While the shutdown continues, Transport Security Administration employees are expected to work without pay.

Indonesia: Tsunami

24 December 2018 – A tsunami has struck the coast of Java and Sumatra after the erupting Krakatoa volcano reportedly caused an underwater landslide.

United Kingdom: Gatwick Airport drone sightings

24 December 2018 – A drone sighting at Gatwick Airport caused over 1,000 flights to be grounded or diverted over three days.

Air New Zealand potential strike

7 December 2018 – It has been reported today that Unions are meeting with Air New Zealand on Monday 10 December to try avert a potential strike planned by Air New Zealand aircraft maintenance engineers, aircraft logistics and related staff on December 21 2018.

US Midwest: Snowstorm

26 November 2018 – A storm bringing strong winds and heavy snow has grounded hundreds of flights in the US Midwest and closed major highways. A blizzard warning is in effect for areas in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.

AirAsia route cancellation

16 November 2018 – Malaysia-based airline AirAsia have announced it will no longer fly between Auckland and the Gold Coast from 11 February 2019. Services will be reduced to four times per week from 29 January 2019.

California: Fires

13 November 2018 – Three major wildfires in California have caused hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate the area.

Italy: Flooding

30 October 2018 – Much of Italy is under alert for flooding after strong winds and heavy rain have caused the death of six people. Areas affected include Venice, Napes, Lazio and Liguria.

USA: Hurricane Michael

12 October 2018 – Category 4 Hurricane Michael made landfall near Panama City, Florida around 6.30 am 11 October 2018 (NZST).

Sinorama Holidays closure

5 October 2018 - Canadian based travel agency, Sinorama Holidays has gone into liquidation.