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We know it can be challenging to balance your health and wellbeing with everyday life, which is why we’ve teamed up with wellbeing expert, Rachel Grunwell. Rachel will share information and inspiration to help you live well and stay well.


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Rachel is a wellbeing columnist and blogger, director of Inspired Health, a marathon runner, yoga teacher and Achilles ambassador - and a busy mum of three energetic boys! Inspired by the experts she interviewed for her columns, Rachel began her personal fitness journey a few years ago when her third son was born. After getting puffed just pushing a pram, Rachel tried lots of wellbeing concepts from the experts and put the ones best suited for everyday life into practice - and now she’s running marathons! Rachel will share her personally tried and tested tips and inspiration on fitness, nutrition and wellbeing with you.

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Family: the importance of achieving work, life balance

Judging by the results of Cigna’s recently-released 360 Wellbeing Survey, the issue of work/life/family balance is front of mind for a lot of Kiwis. A total of 52 per cent of people surveyed, feel they don’t spend enough time with their families. This is up from 45 per cent the previous year.

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Push, pull…

There’s a time to ‘push your body’ – doing exercise at least twice weekly to get your body moving and blood pumping. But equally important is knowing when to ‘pull back’ – to recover and re-set. With the winter months upon us it is easy for the guilt of deciding to stay inside rather than going for a walk to set in.

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At Cigna, we’re passionate about empowering Kiwis to live well and stay well, physically, emotionally and financially. Every year we talk to Kiwis to find out your motivations and perceptions of wellbeing, and we’ve found that you put family wellbeing first - which can come at a cost to physical wellbeing. We think it’s possible to lead a healthier lifestyle by combining family and physical activity, which is one of the reasons why we became the primary sponsor of Wellington’s Cigna Round the Bays.


Our charity partner Achilles International NZ is the official charity of Cigna Round the Bays. We’re passionate supporters of Achilles, with some of the Cigna team helping to set up the Wellington Achilles chapter and acting as guides for disabled athletes, including our CEO, Lance Walker. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more wellbeing tips and ideas.




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