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Cigna Awards Inaugral Actuarial Scholarship

Palmerston North man Navin Patel has been awarded $5,000 towards his studies as recipient of the 2015 Cigna Actuarial Scholarship. Cigna Life...

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4 very different funeral customs around the world

All around the world, different countries and cultures celebrate the passing of their loved ones life with extraordinary rituals. Take a look at thes...

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8 ways to avoid identity theft online

As we rely on the online world to achieve a vast majority of our daily tasks, it’s prudent to evaluate security checkpoints to ensure our personal...

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8 ways to be a healthier person by the end of today

Cigna is all about making #GoodLifeDecisions and today we wanted to share with you some quick and easy ways you can make some good life decisions...

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A guide to reading food labels

Sugar is now found in 80% of the foods we eat. And while most food items are OK in moderation, it’s the sugar we don’t know we’re consuming that...

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Things to consider when arranging a funeral

A helpful guide to planning a funeral Dealing with the death of a loved one is one of the hardest things we can go through. Both long illnesses and ...

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Healthy alternatives to your favourite unhealthy foods

After years of eating processed foods, it can sometimes be hard to make the switch to fresh and healthy options. But part of the battle is knowing wha...

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Nominating a beneficiary for your funeral cover policy

The costs of arranging a funeral following the death of a friend or family member are twofold: financial cost and emotional cost. Funerals often...

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The Kiwi traveller

When you travel the world as a New Zealander you can bet on meeting amazing people from various cultures, and tens of thousands of other Kiwis!...

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