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4 funeral insurance terms you need to know

None of us like to ponder on our own mortality, no matter how inevitable we know it is. Preparing yourself is one thing, but making sure your...

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How to fall into Autumn, without losing your summer glow

Autumn is here, which means it’s time to change up your health and wellness routine. From supplements to finding time for yourself, we’ve got the ...

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Quick & Easy Tips on getting Active and Healthy in the...

It’s a new year and so it’s a great time for a fresh approach to boosting your fitness and health levels - for a healthier, happier you.Here are s...

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Tips to get your kids into fitness

You are the best role-model for your kids. If you move more, then they will be inspired to move more too. If you want to encourage your kids to be...

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Top tips for healthy eating on the cheap

There are three kids and two adults in my family and so if we don’t plan our meals well then we can easily blow the grocery budget!

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A guide to healthy sleep

Staying Healthy Over Winter - A Guide To Healthy Sleep. For those of you with a snoring spouse, bedwetting children, or a hungry newborn; a good...

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Family: The importance of achieving work, life balance

Judging by the results of Cigna’s recently-released 360 Wellbeing Survey, the issue of work/life/family balance is front of mind for a lot of...

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How to talk about death with your children

Death can be hard concept to comprehend. It’s one of the most binary parts of life. Like the flick of a switch; on then off. As adults death is...

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New Zealanders’ Physical and Financial Wellness Suffering

Now in its third year, Cigna’s annual 360 Wellbeing Survey findings are out for 2016, and things are not as rosy as some may hope. New Zealand...

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