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Tips for trying out tramping

Now that the days are warmer, how about trying tramping as a fun and healthy way to get into the great outdoors? Check out these top tips from the...

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Staying healthy while keeping on a budget

Organic, free-range, locally sourced. Foods with these on the label are being touted as the most healthy and most ethically produced grocery items out...

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How to maintain a healthy lifestyle

In Cigna’s wellbeing survey, New Zealand recently ranked fifth out of six countries for attitudes and perceptions towards health and wellbeing. The ...

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Life insurance for the mind

​Cigna likes to promote #GoodLifeDecisions, but we understand in today’s fast paced world, our health can sometimes fall by the wayside – physical...

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Ahhhh stress

Stress is an issue that we can all relate to, we all have varying degrees of coping methods, and strategies to respond to stress.Managing stress can b...

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A guide to reading food labels

Sugar is now found in 80% of the foods we eat. And while most food items are OK in moderation, it’s the sugar we don’t know we’re consuming that...

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Healthy alternatives to your favourite unhealthy foods

After years of eating processed foods, it can sometimes be hard to make the switch to fresh and healthy options. But part of the battle is knowing wha...

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8 ways to be a healthier person by the end of today

Cigna is all about making #GoodLifeDecisions and today we wanted to share with you some quick and easy ways you can make some good life decisions...

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How to fall into Autumn, without losing your summer glow

Autumn is here, which means it’s time to change up your health and wellness routine. From supplements to finding time for yourself, we’ve got the ...

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