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If one thing is for certain; it’s change. Our lives are constantly changing and growing as we manoeuvre our way through life’s peaks and troughs, and there are certain milestones many people will celebrate within their lifetime.

As our lives develop, so too do your priorities. We have outlined some of the major life events many people come across. As these milestones are celebrated, it’s always a good time to review your insurance needs.

The Big OE

It’s a rite of passage for Kiwis to set off on their big OE and really special time in our lives. Exploring the world and exploring ourselves is an unforgettable experience that can change the course of the rest of our life. To make the most of your overseas experience, invest in comprehensive Travel Insurance. This allows you to rest easy knowing you are covered for medical expenses overseas and have 24 hour emergency assistance. This is good cover to have for your initial travel – you might want to look at other options if you’re travelling for more than a year.

Buying your First Home

Congratulations! You have just purchased your very own home. This is certainly cause for celebration.

First homebuyers are typically committed to mortgage repayments for a set amount of years. This is a good time to consider Life Insurance and Income Protection Insurance, to ensure you keep up with regular payments and keep your home yours.

Getting Married

Marriage is a time of celebration and also a time of massive change, everything you have previously done by yourself, now has to be considered as an official married couple. Cigna’s Life Insurance can easily be personalised to these special milestones, and with a cover increase of up to 25% for marriage, now is a good time to seriously review your life insurance policy.

Having Children

All your priorities change with this milestone and everything you do, is now done to protect and take care of your babies. It’s a wonderful time for new parents, and also a little bit scary, with a steep learning curve ahead. Again, our Life Insurance policy adjusts for such momentous life events, and cover can be increased by 25% with the arrival of a new baby.

If you are interested in hearing about any of Cigna’s products, take a look at the ’Insurance Products’ tab or call us on 0800 900 047