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30 Mar 2022

As part of our commitment to making it easier for you to do business with us we’ve recently updated the occupation classes we use in our online Quote tool.

This change will make it easier for you to select the most accurate occupation when quoting your customers. It will also enable our eApp to generate more specific questions related to any unique risks of the customers occupation (such as working at heights, or with explosives), creating a smoother underwriting process.

What’s changed?

We’ve added a new field in the online Quote tool which indicates whether the customer’s occupation is “E” -eligible, “U” - uninsurable or “IC” – requires individual consideration for disability benefits.

For example:  Accountant will be E, a Tree Feller will be U, and a Journalist will be IC

While this update doesn’t change the quoting and application process for you, it should give you more certainty as to whether the customer is likely to be successful in applying for disability benefits. You can still quote all occupations, however if the job title is “IC” or “U” your application will be referred to an underwriter for further assessment.

There’s more changes in the pipeline

This is part of a series of planned improvements happening over the next few weeks. Cigna’s Chief Operating Officer Debbie Eyre will talk about the full range of changes at our Cigna Live event on 28 April 2022. You can register for the event here

Need support?

If you have any questions, please contact your Business Partnership Manager. You can also email us on goodadvicematters@cigna.com or call us on 0800 505 022.