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28 Aug 2018

Travelling with today’s technology can make it tricky to keep your personal information private. Here are some practical privacy tips to keep your information safe if you’re travelling:

  • Be smart about your devices: Internet access is often limited when you’re travelling and public Wi-Fi can be tempting. However hackers can use public Wi-Fi networks to access your personal information. To avoid this, turn off Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth when you’re not using them and avoid using public Wi-Fi networks where possible.

  • Slim your wallet: Limit the number of credit cards you travel with to just one or two, with a backup credit card in a separate bag or the hotel safe. Clearing out your wallet to just the cards you need will also mean less fumbling at ATMs.

  • Social media posts: If you use a travel site to book your trip make sure to turn off the social sharing options that dump your travel details into someone else’s news feed. Stay mum about your next trip and wait until you get back to post pictures.

  • Destroy the evidence: Tear up and discard used boarding passes and other travel documents you no longer need, if you have an electronic version, as these can contain full names and other personal information. Or better yet, save the printing and use electronic boarding passes.

  • Put your mail on hold: An overflowing mailbox can signal the owners are away on holiday. Ask a friend or family member to clear your mailbox or put any regular subscriptions on hold until get back from your trip.