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Media Release: Kiwis Want To Lose Weight, But Prioritise Family

For the second year in a row, the Cigna 360° Wellbeing Score reveals poor physical wellbeing

Results from the annual Cigna 360° Wellbeing Score, released today, show for the second year in a row, family was Kiwi’s top priority – however, the same cannot be said for weight.

The annual survey monitors overall wellbeing across 11 countries and includes more than 15,000 people. It assesses a population’s health and wellbeing across five key areas: physical, social, family, financial and work.

90% of Kiwis surveyed said spending time with family was very important, with family holidays our favourite way of getting in some quality time. Relationships with children were the most important of all.

However, when it came to physical health and wellbeing, Kiwis weren’t doing so well, with more than 60% of respondents being overweight or obese - the highest number out of all countries surveyed, including the UK. Unsurprisingly, just 31% of us were happy with our weight.

We also have no idea just how many of us have a problem. The perception that 45% of us are overweight was wildly off mark.

Our penchant for fizzy drinks and chips certainly isn’t helping, of those surveyed, only 33% of Kiwis ate a balanced diet.

Cigna NZ CEO Lance Walker said the company wasn’t surprised by the results.

“It’s great that for the second year, we’re the only country surveyed that puts family first - spending time with our families is a key aspect of our Kiwi culture. What isn’t so good are our misconceptions around obesity, and the number of us who aren’t eating a balanced diet.”

“If Kiwis want to keep on spending time with their families and enjoying a great quality of life, we need to spend more time thinking about our physical health.”

“At Cigna, we are fully committed to supporting Kiwis to lead healthier lifestyles. This doesn’t need to be hard or boring. Sometimes a little push in the right direction or some inspiration to become healthier and happier is all we need.”

In order to help Kiwis achieve this, Cigna undertakes a range of Wellbeing initiatives including sponsorship of Cigna Round the Bays, and a partnership with popular wellbeing columnist and director of the Inspired Health website, Rachel Grunwell.

Ms Grunwell shares tips and provides inspiration on nutrition, health and general wellbeing.

“It’s concerning almost 30% of us had sugary drinks in our fridge, it may seem a small number but it’s telling us that almost a third of Kiwis regularly drink fizzy drinks, which are laden with sugar and have no nutritional value,” Ms Grunwell said.

“Healthy, nourishing food doesn’t have to be expensive and hard to make, or even taste bland. Creating healthy, real meals and snacks will make you feel good. Make food too with your kids as a great way to combine family time with teaching important life-long lessons about nutrition.”

Top insights:

  • New Zealand’s overall health and well-being score was 62.7, slightly below the average score across all countries surveyed of 63.4.
  • 44% rated overall health and wellbeing as excellent or very good.
  • The highest health and well-being score was achieved by those in the 25-29 age bracket (49%), this falls to 40% from 40 and stays there.
  • Family health and wellbeing is the most important to new Zealanders at 50%, this is followed by physical wellbeing at 40%
  • Spending time with family was the most important for those aged 50+
  • More than half of Kiwis have juice and almost 30% of Kiwis have fizzy drinks in their fridges.
  • Cancer was rated the greatest health concern, ahead of debilitating illnesses, heart disease, and depression
  • Contrary to popular belief, just 5% drank alcohol daily; this was highest among 60+ at 14%. Almost half drink alcohol at least once a week, averaging 3.5 standard drinks per session.
  • An average of 34 hours a week are spent on digital activities (internet browsing, social networking, email, online video, gaming and online shopping) compared to Thai people who spend an average of 54 hours per week.
  • New Zealand had the highest percentage of overweight and obese people out of all countries surveyed.

360º Wellbeing Score video

360º Wellbeing Score Infographic


The Cigna 360° Wellbeing Score is as an annual index which identifies and monitors the factors, motivations, perceptions and attitudes impacting on individual and regional, health, wellness and wellbeing. It is an independent study commissioned by Cigna and conducted by research company Ipsos. It includes participants from Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Turkey, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea, New Zealand, Spain and the UK. Data is collected online from a representative random sample of around 1000 people in each country, totalling 15,000 people.

The New Zealand survey results provide insightful information that enables Cigna to better meet the needs of Kiwis with relevant products and service solutions at the various stages of their lives.