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03 Aug 2022

1. What’s your role at Cigna and what does a typical day look like for you?

I’m a Business Performance Manager at Cigna in the talented Distribution Operations team led by Karen Smith. My role is to provide insights, analysis and advice to stakeholders across our business to ensure we continue to honour our promises to customers and deliver on our objectives. I work with our Business Partnership Managers (BPMs) to provide them with the latest information or updates to support Advisers and make it easy and enjoyable to do business with Cigna.

David Hadley and his family 

2. What’s your background and how did you get to where you are now?

I’ve been fortunate over my career to work with some great people and have opportunities to advance my skills. After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce and spending a few years as an accountant, I saw the light and moved into a reporting and analysis role at Sovereign. I spent 11 years at Sovereign/AIA working in a variety of roles covering reporting, strategy and projects. In all of my roles to date, I’ve enjoyed interpreting data and helping people understand trends and opportunities so when my current role came about at Cigna, it really resonated with me. I’d also seen the momentum that Cigna was generating in the Independent Financial Adviser market and the opportunity to be a part this growth story was really exciting.


3. What do you enjoy most about working at Cigna?

The people. There’s definitely a mentality at Cigna that people genuinely want to make a difference in the lives of New Zealanders through our products and services. It’s also been refreshing to meet new people and develop and apply my skills in new and exciting ways.


4. Why do you think advice is so important?

Access to financial advice is important because like many things in life, there’s a lot of complexity in our industry. The old adage “you don’t know what you don’t know” is so true and I think getting the right advice from an Adviser ensures you get the right protection in place for you as proceed through life.


5. What’s your favourite thing about working with Advisers?

I’ve learned that the customer is at the centre of everything they (and we) do, and I keep this front of mind whenever I’m working with them. Their dedication to their customers and their craft always leaves me impressed.


6. How do you and your team support Advisers and improve their experience with Cigna?

We’re the “team behind the team” at Cigna. We’re here to ensure everything that our BPMs are representing and fronting in the market each day is working properly and up to standard. Every day we’re working on projects, initiatives and requests to improve and enhance Cigna’s offering to Advisers and their customers.


7. What do you think are the biggest opportunities and challenges in the life insurance industry? 

The recent regulatory changes that have come into play over the past few years have been both the biggest opportunity and challenge all rolled into one. They’ve disrupted the status quo and meant that Advisers have had to focus more on compliance and registration at times instead of protecting Kiwis. They’ve also brought opportunity in terms of the continued evolution of the industry through wider achievement of professional qualifications, standards and record keeping.


8. On a weekend, where are we most likely to find you?

I always look forward to quality time with my wife and daughter which usually is a walk in one of Auckland’s regional parks followed by a coffee (or beer!). Aside from that a typical weekend usually involves some domestic tasks around the house or in the garden, watching football and playing golf.