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05 Aug 2022

To ensure our covers are continuing to meet the needs of our customers not only now but in the long term, we’ve just released 11 improvements to our medical definitions and benefits across our advice-based covers.  

The changes will come into effect from 5 August 2022.

The key changes have been outlined below to support your conversations with your customers. For full details on all changes please see the product enhancements brochure.

Improvements to our medical definitions

These enhancements apply to Assurance Extra, Business Assurance, Business Extra and Agribusiness Extra policy holders.*


Multiple Sclerosis

Provides customers the opportunity to claim a full trauma benefit payment upon diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis with persisting neurological complications.


Provides customers the opportunity to claim a full benefit earlier and seek the medical support they

need to assist with any complications that may be hindering their daily living.

Severe Diabetes

We’ve reduced the severity requirement for Severe Diabetes from two to only one of the Full Trauma Benefit criteria. This will make some customers eligible for the Benefit earlier so they can seek the specialist treatment care that they need to support their condition.



Improvements to our products

These enhancements apply to Assurance Extra and Business Assurance policy holders.*


Life Events Benefit

We’ve extended the Life Events Benefit under our Assurance Extra Life Cover, Trauma Cover and Complete Disablement Cover to 28 weeks gestation. This means a life insured can take the opportunity to increase their sum insured from when they pass the third trimester of pregnancy at 28 weeks gestation, while they are preparing for the arrival of their child.


Funeral Transfer Benefit

We’ve extended the Funeral Transfer Benefit under our Assurance Extra Life Cover and Life Income Cover to include returning a deceased life insured to their home country should they pass away whilst outside of New Zealand.


Complimentary Children’s Benefit and Optional Children’s Benefit

We’ve extended the Complimentary and Optional Children’s Benefit under our Assurance Extra Trauma Cover to cover the children of a life insured who is appointed their legal permanent guardian. 


Grief Counselling Benefit

We’ve increased the Grief Counselling Benefit pay period from being paid within 3 months of the counselling session to being paid within 12 months.


Financial & Legal Advice Benefit

We’ve increased the payment window under the Financial and Legal Advice benefit from 3 to 12 months. This means the life assured now has an additional 9 months to receive professional advice after a claim being paid out.


*The enhancements came into effect on 5 August 2022 and apply to events that occur on or after that date. They do not apply if the relevant illness, injury or condition showed signs or symptoms, or was diagnosed before this date.

The product enhancements apply to relevant covers and options for Cigna Assurance Extra and Business Assurance policies issued on or after 1 May 2004 subject to the terms and conditions of your applicable Policy Enhancement Benefit.

The product enhancements also apply to the relevant covers and options for Agribusiness Extra and Business Extra policies regardless of the date your policy was issued.