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17 Nov 2020

Cigna New Zealand (Cigna) has announced its latest changes to its product and service proposition.

Enhancements have been made to a number of definitions and benefits across Cigna’s Income, Mortgage Repayment, Complete Disablement, Trauma and Premium Covers.

Among the changes is the addition of an alternative 10 hour disability definition to Cigna’s base Income, Mortgage Repayment and Premium Covers. This will give customers more flexibility when applying for a total disability claim.

The enhancements also include removing the severity requirements on the full Trauma benefit criteria, making it easier for customers with a low-grade tumor or a listed progressive condition such as Alzheimer’s disease to claim.

Cigna General Manager Strategy and Marketing Simon Tohill says “It’s our priority to support Advisers and our collective customers with sustainable product solutions that they can trust will support them in the long term. We’ll be continuing to make improvements over the coming months in line with Adviser feedback and market developments.”

As part of Cigna’s commitment to support its customers, as of 2 November 2020 they extended their business hours from 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday across all operation lines as well as claims and underwriting.

Cigna Chief Operating Officer Debbie Eyre says “A review of our call volume data showed that a number of our Advisers and their customers have been calling outside current business hours. The change to our operating hours enables us to provide an even better service to our Advisers and customers.”

These announcements follow a big year of improvements from Cigna including the release of competitive new rates on its Life and Trauma Covers, revised non-medical limits and plain English wording across its Assurance Extra product suite. Cigna also launched a multi-benefit discount in September which remains available to eligible new customers until 31 January 2021.

For more information on all the enhancements and to find out how they apply to existing customers visit: https://www.cigna.co.nz/cigna-new-zealand-product-enhancements-november-2020.