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24 Aug 2018

Stress is an issue that we can all relate to, we all have varying degrees of coping methods, and strategies to respond to stress.

Managing stress can be done in a number of ways but here are some tips that could help you:

  • Slow down and keep organised: Reduce your speed of movement and thinking by doing something to help the body relax and release some feel good hormones. For example: talk with friends and family; play an instrument; get a massage. By trying to take better control of the way you’re spending your time and energy you can handle stress more effectively.

  • Exercise: Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Exercise moves stress related chemicals, such as cortisol, out of the body, reduces muscle tension and elevates endorphins – the feel good hormones! Exercise also helps you sleep better and improves quality of sleep, enabling restoration and rejuvenation to take place. This may be getting out for a walk or working towards an event like the Cigna 10km in the Air New Zealand Hawkes Bay International Marathon.

  • Rest and maintain your nutrient intake: It’s not always easy but having a consistent sleeping pattern and aiming for 6-8 hours’ sleep per night will help adequate physical and mental recovery to take place. Try to have a nutritious breakfast to kick start the mind and body. Often when we’re on the go we skip meals, however it can be helpful to eat 4-5 small meals (including snacks) as opposed to 2-3 large meals. This will ensure that energy levels are maintained and metabolism is kept high.