Cigna and Heart Saver

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Cigna and GrownUps have partnered with Heart Saver to address the urgent need for AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) in New Zealand to help reduce the high rate of Kiwis dying from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

Your health is the most important asset you can protect – and Cigna and GrownUps are committed to helping improve the lives of New Zealanders through health, wellbeing and sense of security solutions.

Together they are on a mission to get more AEDs around New Zealand to save more lives.


What is sudden cardiac arrest?

Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in adults in New Zealand. It occurs when the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops functioning. 

The number of Kiwis who die from sudden cardiac arrest is five times greater than the national road toll.

  • 5 Kiwis suffer from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) every day
  • For every minute without CPR or defibrillation, a patient’s chance of survival falls by 10-15%

  • Patients who are defibrillated within the first 3-5 minutes of cardiac arrest have the greatest chance of surviving
  • In New Zealand there should be 10,000 AEDs – there are currently only 6,000


What is an AED?

An AED, also commonly referred to as a defib, is a portable medical device that can automatically assess a patient’s heart rhythm. It judges whether defibrillation is needed and, if required, administers an electric shock through the chest wall to the heart.

While performing first aid in an emergency can be a scary situation, an AED will guide the user through the rescue process using voice or visual prompts. Anyone can use an AED – you don’t have to be medically qualified, although Heart Saver does provide training.

Read more about AEDs and why you should have one handy here.


Note: all statistics are sourced from Heart Saver

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