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Why choose Cigna Cancer Cover

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  • Lump sum payment if you’re diagnosed with cancer so you can deal with your diagnosis however you choose.
  • Available to New Zealand residents aged between 18-55 years old

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  • Choose a level of cover up to $80,000
  • Cover can be taken out for you and your partner - and you'll both get a 10% discount

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  • Apply online in minutes – it’s simple
  • Or talk to one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives by calling us on 0800 244 009

What you need to know

When it comes to health and wellbeing, one of the most common fears people have is getting sick from cancer. Cigna can help you prepare with Cigna Cancer Cover. It's insurance that will provide you with a lump sum, tax free payment upon diagnosis. This means you’ll have extra funds to cover any shortfalls as a result of your treatment. Get an instant quote >


  • Cover is available to all New Zealand residents aged between 18 and 55 and the policy will end on the policy anniversary date after your 60th birthday.
  • You will receive a lump sum, tax free payment on diagnosis.
  • You can choose to use the money how you want. Whether it is to help with bills, help fund medical treatment or use towards rehabilitation.
  • If you are diagnosed with less severe cancer (a cancer that hasn’t affected surrounding healthy cells), you will still receive a part payment of 10% of your cover. The remaining balance will stay in place should you suffer from severe cancer or another less severe cancer.
  • Cover can be taken out for you and your partner - and you'll both get a 10% discount.

Need to know

  • Some exclusions do apply including, pre-existing conditions, some cancers if you have a corresponding condition, and cancers which are directly or indirectly a result of family history. For information see section 7 of the policy wording. For the definition of Severe and Less Severe cancer see section 5.
  • Example: John is a 35 year old male and was diagnosed with hepatitis C five years ago. John has a Cigna Cancer Cover policy but he is excluded from liver cancer because of his hepatitis C.
  • Example: Carol is a 29 year old female. She has heard about BRCA genes and the link to breast and ovarian cancer, and decided she would get tested to check for faults in her BRCA genes . Carol’s results came back and she tested positive. Carol is planning to take out Cigna’s Cancer Cover but she will now be excluded from breast cancer
  • Example: Jennie is a 40 year old woman. Jennie’s brother, father and grandmother have all been diagnosed with bowel cancer before the age of 50. Jennie has Cigna’s Cancer Cover but she is excluded from bowel cancer as she has a strong family history of it.

Full policy

We're upfront about conditions and exclusions. See the full details below:

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