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Get moving blog: Liz gets started

The beginning of my journey

Well it's been two weeks since I went to the Cigna office to pick up my awesome new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well as meet my fellow winners Amanda and Cristie.

The first week was about finding my way around the S Health App with the great Coach by Cigna! There are some really cool things in the app, like the pedometer which is automatically set to a nice 10,000 steps per day. OMG, didn't realise how little I walk around! Most days I'm doing around 5-6,000 steps, but I really need to pick things up and smash 10,000 each day! Only thing is - your steps don't get measured while your phone is sitting on your desk! Thankfully Tory (Cigna's Digital Marketing Specialist) sent me an armband, so it will make it much easier to make my steps count at the gym. You can also measure your heart rate, oxygen levels and food intake. There is a great wee graph to show you how you are going

Coach by Cigna and setting my goals

I've chosen 4 goals. Once you've chosen the main goal - you can set missions for each that will help you work towards your goal. Below are the goals I've set so far and some of my missions.

1 Reduce weight by 4kg in 5-10 weeks (although hope I do more than this!)

Pack your gym bag - do this in advance, so you have everything ready (and ya can't use it as an excuse!!)

Track your meals - keep a record of what you are eating

2 Increase weekly exercise - 2-3 days a week

Take the stairs - I'm aiming to do this at work more often!!

3 Eat more fruit & vegetables - 5+ portions a day, 7 days a week

Think fruit and vegetables - it's about time I mixed up the vege mix for a change!

4 Love your life - 5 days a week

Take a stretch break, stand up and stretch every hour during the day at work!

Do good deeds - doing stuff for others is really satisfying!

I'm thinking I have a pretty good spread of goals - nice mix of exercise, food and taking care of myself!!

Meeting my Les Mills Personal Trainer for the first time

On Wednesday 26th November, I went to Les Mills Lambton Quay for the first time (thanks Thomas for setting me up!) and got to meet Makea, my Personal Trainer for the next 12 weeks! He seems like a pretty cool guy, which is great considering we'll be seeing a lot of each other! First up we chatted about general health, what I'm doing now exercise wise (not much!) and then there was the dreaded hopping on the scales. No real surprises in the weight department. The scales also give you things like BMI, body fat%, muscle %, bone% etc - WOW, they are some real high tech scales!

After the scary scales I started trying out some of the equipment and for Makea to see what I can do (or can't......).

First up was the step machine from hell (I'm sure I might end up liking it one day....). Gone are the days of a step machine being two pedals that you squish up and down - this machine was like an escalator. The steps revolved downwards, as you step up them - it is just like walking up a flight of stairs. Makea only made me do 3mins on the stepper from hell, but blimmin heck, talk about hard work!

Next up was the cross trainer - ahhhh, this has to be my favourite piece of cardio equipment. Again, only did this for a few mins, but it's all about learning what my current fitness level is.

Last (but not least) was the treadmill - starting with a brisk walk, followed by 30sec running (although my version of running is jogging.....).

That was it for the day - Makea gave me my challenge for the next week until I see him again on Wednesday. I have to go to the gym twice and do the following workout: Treadmill 2min warm-up walk, 30 seconds run, 1min walk, rinse and repeat 5-7 times, Cross trainer a mere 8mins followed by 3mins on the stepper from hell. I also had to do 2 sessions on the cross trainer at home. Four workouts over 7 days........

My first solo gym session

Friday was my first solo session at the gym - considering I haven't been to the gym in over 12 months, it was a rather daunting task. Funny how I've lost all self-confidence. So after work on Friday, I made my way to the gym - most of it was forcing myself to go. But ya know what - I made it there, and I did the workout that Makea gave me. By the time I'd done the treadmill part (I did 7 repeats, gosh it's confusing keeping track of how many sets you've done, trying to do math while still going!) I was wondering what I'd gotten myself in for. But hey, I kept going.....part of it is sheer stubborn pride - knowing that I've got to do this blog, knowing that I don't want to let Tory and Cigna down for giving me this opportunity.

Next up was the cross trainer - this part wasn't so bad, then again, I do like the cross trainer. In the back of my mind I knew I needed to still get on that awful step machine. Just climbing up onto it, I knew I'd struggle with this.....must keep going! Well I made it to the end of my 3 mins....sorry Makea, I did have to slow it down for the last 30secs (it was either that or ungracefully slide off the back and into the wall). After that, I stumbled my way to the changing rooms to grab my bag and go pick my daughter up from school. I had a certain sense of pride - I'd made it through my first solo gym session. Yes I was feeling a little tired, but I also had a bit of a buzz.

Working on my physical and mental health

On reflection - I'm disappointed in myself. I used to enjoy going to the gym - and I could really push myself when I wanted to. I've never been skinny - but I was at least reasonably fit. The last 12-18 months have been really hard. I have struggled with my mental health and completely lost my self esteem. Along with that, any motivation I had went out the door. On a whim when I got the email almost a month ago about the Cigna Round the Bays, and saw the Cigna competition - I decided to enter. I also decided to be honest.....there isn't any shame in having a mental illness and it was about time I did something that was totally 100% only about me.

I know the next 12 weeks until the Cigna Round the Bays on 22 February is going to be challenging. I'm sure I'll have plenty of ups and downs - days where I just don't want to do it any more. I'm sure I'll have days at the gym where I will want to quit, days where I'll think my PT is awful for pushing me - but I know that each time I go, and every time he pushes me - as I walk out the door, I'll have a sense of achievement. Coach by Cigna will become my friend - helping me set goals, work my way through missions and keep going.

2015 is going to be a new year, a new beginning. I need to claim back my self esteem and get fit and healthy!

BRINT IT ON! ! ! !

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