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Get moving blog: Liz discovers a passion for lifting!

Here goes with an update on where things are at – getting through the Christmas/New Year period and now back to work – hard to believe that January is almost over!!

Thanks to my awesome hubby James (and a wee bit of begging on my part) I got a new Samsung Gear S watch for Christmas – and I’d just like to say I love it!! So now I’m constantly able to measure the steps I’m doing on a daily basis! From Christmas when I first got it, until now I’m now more consistently getting to 10,000 steps on a daily basis. It also reminds me with a “ding” if I’ve been inactive for an hour – a great reminder while I’m at work head down bum up to get up and get moving!! Also making the effort to take the stairs more frequently at work – after all, you don’t get steps while standing in a lift!!

My goals

Losing weight – I’ve lost 3kg so far. Not really where I want to be, but I’m going in the right direction. Christmas and New year were certainly a challenge!

Tracking meals/eating more fruit & veges – being away for a week over Christmas meant that eating properly went out the door. Now that we’re back to work, I’m doing a menu plan for our weeks meals – much better to work out in advance and making sure that there is plenty of fruit & veges in our diet. Have started to have protein shakes after the gym – great for the boost of energy after the gym and replenishing the fuel that is needed in a much healthier manner (doesn’t mean I’m not craving chocolate!)

Exercise – again Christmas & New Year were challenging. Being away from home meant that routine went out the door. Focus for me was about ensuring I was doing my 10,000 steps a day. Got back to the gym again after New Years – really enjoying my PT sessions with Makea. Our sessions are focusing on weights which I’m loving. Certainly doing weight training has given me back some confidence. I get a real kick out of doing weights and it’s something I’d forgotten. It’s fantastic that week after week Makea keeps pushing me, upping the weights that I’m doing and mixing up the variety. He certainly packs a huge amount into each session – focusing on both upper and lower body strength every week. Doing weights also really caters to my stubborn side, being able to prove him wrong and keep pushing through to do more reps, more weight is incredibly satisfying. My current goal is to be able to do 200kg leg press with a minimum of 6 reps. And I know I can do it – I actually believe in myself which for me is a huge change.

Cardio/Running – This has certainly been much more of a challenge for me! I’ve never been much of a runner, and I really struggle with this. My focus has been on making it to the gym a minimum of 3 times each week – and then doing other activities on the weekend such as going to Aotea Lagoon, walking the dog etc. I’m up to doing 3 ½ km minimum on the treadmill at the gym – this is a combination of 1min jogging, 30 second walking. I’m slowly building up to 1 ½ min jogging, 30 sec walking to increase the distance/time jogging versus walking. I’m also making sure that during my walk time – its at a fast pace, I’m sure I probably look like one of those speed walker people at times. I’ve certainly noticed that this is getting easier as I go, but I know I’ve got a long way to go.

Starting back at the gym and starting back doing some cardio work has made me realise how much over last year I’d let things go. I’d kinda kidded myself into thinking that “hey, I’m not that unfit, I could easily get back into the swing of things”, when in reality, I’d become incredibly unfit! Also with putting on weight – doing any form of cardio is just that much harder. I know that I’ve only got myself to blame for where I’m at – and I’m the only one who can change that.

Now I am starting to make some more positive changes – actually going to the gym, making sure I’m aiming for that minimum 10,000 steps each and every day (which by the way, the S Health app gives you medals for!), eating a much more balanced diet – cutting back on some of the carbs, getting more fruit & veges into each day and actually getting back some faith in myself. I had been in a complete rut, unfit, unhealthy and pretty miserable. Being unfit just fed my depression and low moods – it’s such a vicious cycle…..don’t exercise & feel crappy about not having done it, beat yaself up for not having exercised, eat more things like chocolate/cake coz it makes you “feel better”, then beat yourself up for doing that, this feeds the low mood which in turn feeds the complete lack of motivation. Going back to the gym has given my confidence a boost and has been what I needed.

Over the last week or so, I’ve been thinking about the upcoming round the bays and what is my goal for this. When I initially started this journey, my initial goal was that I wanted to be able to run the whole way. I know that right now, I won’t be able to run the whole way – but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up. I want to finish this race with a time of less than an hour – to achieve that, I’ll need to do some running as well as maintaining a really decent walking speed in between as rest. It also means I need to do longer distances over the next few weeks to build up more stamina and increase my fitness levels.

I am looking forward to Cigna Round the Bays on the 22nd. I’m also looking forward to continuing with my gym time. On my to do list is to work out continuing my membership with Les Mills - and to keep up PT sessions with Makea.