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Get moving blog: Cristie's final pre-race thoughts

Wow it’s that time already… 3 more sleeps… argh, am I ready…!?

I think I am… I hope I am….

For the last month, I have managed to up my training runs to several 5km runs a week (non-stop – yay!), and my trainer reckons (I really do hope she is right…!) that the 6.5km on Sunday will be a breeze…. Not sure if ‘breeze’ is the right word to describe how it will feel, but I am forever hopeful.

Its been a hard month – with moving out to the Kapiti Coast and settling into a new place, starting a (hectic) new teaching job, and trying to keep committed to my goal. Thank goodness for the support of the lovely people around me who have insisted on looking after my Charlie in the evenings so I could go for a run… which, to be honest, was always the LAST thing I felt like doing after a hard day in the classroom. But alas, every time I was made to do it (I think they call that peer pressure?), and every time I felt all the better for it.

I have also had some fantastic training sessions with Courtney at Les Mills, which on occasion, left me completely unable to move different parts of my body. But people keep insisting on that age-old wives tale, no pain no gain… which I have to say, when it comes to weight loss, the pain has definitely resulted in a gain (or loss, as the case maybe). To date, I have lost 6.6kg. Whoohoo! I like to think of it as 1 kg for every km I have to run (“Cristie you can do this, Cristie you CAN do this…”)

So, Sunday… watch out, I’m coming!