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Cristie achieves a goal

Cristie achieves a goal


I feel obliged to start my first blog by emphasising the fact that I literally cannot move at this particular point in time. I tell you what, there is nothing like a Les Mills Body Pump class to make you realise just how unfit you really are... (I ensure you they are mighty fun – despite not being able to sit down elegantly for three days). It took a few weeks to schedule a meeting with my trainer, BUT… glass half full and all that jazz, I have (finally) started!Ok. Wait. Confession. I haven’t actually started running yet, but I’ve taken several considerable steps towards starting …. (running is so scary isn’t it?!)

My first steps

  • I’ve changed my diet (whoohoo – no sugar – which, for me is slightly extreme, since I am a chocolate fiend… but, touch wood, so far so good – four weeks sans chocolate, it’s a miracle!)
  • I’m doing my 10,000 steps a day thanks to S Health App (honestly, this was surprisingly a super struggle for me at the beginning – 10,000 is aaaaaaalot when you spend lots of your time on the couch… alas, NOT ANYMORE (she says as she types this from the couch…!))
  • And of course, I can’t not mention that after the first week I was down 2.2kg… happy days!

My super lovely trainer Courtney Durr is setting me up with a super plan to see me through the next three months. She (I should say we…) have our work cut out for us!But hey, watch this space….

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