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Cristie gets through Christmas!

Blog numero deux…..

At the start of this journey, I dreaded the idea of sharing a blog about my progress at the beginning of this year. Thoughts of all that Christmas indulgence and weight gain consumed my mind and freaked me out a little. But low and behold, despite my lovely trainer being MIA for almost a month, I managed to power on with the help of the exercise regime she set me up with.

I spent my Christmas holiday training with my fat sister. JOKING… she is 24 weeks pregnant, super fit, and a super hard task master! I have never done so much exercise in my life. And, wait for this (before I tell you, remember that I could hardly run for 2 minutes a month ago) I ran 3.8km NON STOP…. twice!

We managed to exercise every day, in between painting the walls of her house. Did I mention she was a hard task master?! Now I find myself back in Wellington, wishing she was here to motivate me again. Only a few more days until the lovely Courtenay is back at Les Mills to help whip me into shape.

This was also the first Christmas I went sans chocolate and sweets (although I did indulge in the odd glass or two of champers – come on, it was Christmas!). It was surprisingly easy, however the weight hasn’t moved as easily as the beginning. Total weight loss now stands at 3.6kg.

I treated myself to a personal Christmas present over the holidays too – a FitBit! It’s pretty amaze. I was finding I was missing out on a lot of potential steps because, for some reason during the holidays, I tended not to have my phone stuck to me (probably a good thing, right?!). So I’m currently using my FitBit AS WELL as my phone app, and I seem to be clocking up the steps nicely.

So a month and a half until I have to run this 6.5km. Although I feel I’m not quite there yet, I am well on my way. Much closer to the goal than I was a month ago!