Connecting well with your loved ones – the secret to being healthy

Connecting well with your loved ones – the secret to being healthy

Rachel and Finn

By Rachel Grunwell

At the heart of being healthy is connection, connection, connection…

We need to connect to who we really are as individuals: Our values, dreams, what we stand for in this life and live true to a purpose that we believe in and that gives us genuine meaning.

Connecting well with others too is paramount.

Hugging friends and loved-ones, feeling their affection, warmth and love and asking curious questions with these special people in our lives to truly “get” where they are at. Listen for the words being said, or not being said, the emotions, actions and make sure there’s some eye-contact. It’s not all about being serious. It’s about laughing out loud together too, sharing a meal, sharing the ups and downs in our lives. It’s all about feeling connected to others, and supported, and this is a powerful way to fight depression and to feel “well”.

To connect well with others, try putting your phone on silent sometimes.connect well with your loved ones

Have moments were technology doesn’t suck every minute you have and drain your soul. Living constantly through others’ lives on social media can see you not living your life as fully. Try to live your life mindfully, making sure you are living in the present moment rather than thinking about what is to come next.

Here are some other health tips you could try to help you prioritise and improve your health and wellbeing:

  • Slow down for a few moments daily and reflect on the truly amazing things that are happening in your life right now. Quit living for the future; Make sure you “see” and savour the magic in your life every day. It’s all about enjoying the journey – not just the destination.
  • Eat and drink foods most of the time that help to uplift your mood, make your skin glow, boost energy and immunity levels. You’ll live a better life.
  • Smile at strangers every day. Then soak up their heart-lifting smiles in return. The ripple effect is incredible.
  • Quit the self-inflicted mind-guilt around kai. Look, even wellness columnists enjoy chocolate, celebratory bubbles and kicking loose sometimes. It’s about living a balanced lifestyle.


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