Financial strength rating

Cigna Life Insurance NZ Limited ("Cigna") has an A- (Excellent) financial strength rating which was given by A.M Best Company Inc. The rating scale is:

Secure Vulnerable
A++ A+ Superior B B- Fair
A A- Excellent C++ C+ Marginal
B++ B + Good C C- Weak
      D   Poor
      E   Under regulatory Supervision
      F   In Liquidation
      S   Suspended

ID Theft

Identity theft is now one of the fastest growing crimes around the world. It includes such things as using a stolen credit card or credit card number, right through to receiving money, goods or benefits by pretending to be someone else. Ultimately, the thieves can take a lot more than your money. They can take on your unique identity and potentially ruin your good name.

Identity theft is a crime that's likely to cause frustration and financial loss for many unsuspecting Kiwis in the near future. It's already become a large problem in Australia, with more than 4 million people being affected last year alone. Cigna is the first to introduce standalone Identity Theft Insurance in New Zealand.

If your identity is stolen it can be an expensive, time consuming and emotionally draining time to reclaim your identity and make it unique again. Once you've signed up, the first thing you'll receive is your current Veda credit file, showing your credit score. You'll be provided with ongoing credit check alerts via post or email when an organisation completes any credit-related activity on your credit file. This way you'll have an early warning if someone else is using your identity to apply for credit and you'll be able to act before your credit file is negatively affected.

Am I at risk?

Sometimes all it takes for someone to start stealing your identity is to get a few personal details from your phone bill in the rubbish bin. You could also be more vulnerable than you might think each time your hand over our credit card, or move to a new address, or simply where you're sharing information online.

  • Do you use your credit card?
  • Have you moved house recently?
  • Do you put your phone bill straight into the bin?
  • You could be at risk of someone stealing your identity!

Once they've got your information, thieves may be able to open bank accounts or apply for credit cards, loans, passports or drivers licences in your name. Unfortunately for many victims, the first sign that their identity has been stolen is often being declined for credit, or having deceived creditors banging on the door.

How it works

Early warning of potential Identity Theft

The earlier you know about a potential identity theft, the more you can limit the damage to yourself. In partnership with Veda Advantage, New Zealand's leading credit agency, Cigna can now provide you with a very affordable weapon against identity theft. No-one else offers this kind of comprehensive, dedicated identity theft cover in New Zealand.

You will receive:

A copy of your current Veda credit file, so you can check for any unauthorised activity and review your current credit score.

Credit check alerts, via email or post, each time an organisation completes any credit-related activity on your file. If you haven't made the application yourself, you can quickly make it known an identity theft has occurred.

The right people will help restore your good name

If your identity is stolen, you'll have New Zealand's leading credit agency, Veda Advantage, on hand to assist you. They will:

  • provide one easy point of contact, with just one 0800 number to call.
  • help investigate identity fraud, which could also minimise any legal costs.
  • rectify your Veda records and help to restore your credit worthiness.

We'll also provide financial assistance

Cigna Identity Theft Insurance will help with:

  • payments to cover legal costs of up to $10,000.
  • up to $600 to cover time-related costs, like taking time off work to talk to the police and financial institutions.