Insurance Products

Cigna New Zealand can provide you and your loved ones with an insurance policy for life insurance, funeral plan insurance, income protection, accidental death insurance, identity theft insurance and trauma insurance.

We’re a New Zealand insurance company with carefully developed products based on over 90 years of experience helping New Zealanders weather the challenges life can bring. We help people gain confidence in their financial well-being.

Cigna protects more than 275,000 New Zealanders with our insurance policies, which we provide directly, as well as through partner companies. We provide reassurance and support at the times you and your loved ones need it most.

We encourage you to review the benefits of our policies and to contact us to determine which coverage may be right for you. 

Our policies include:

LifeOne Life Insurance
Protect your family with Cigna LifeOne Insurance
Funeral Plan Insurance
A little planning now can save a lot of stress later
Income Protection Insurance
Protect your greatest asset - your income
Accidental Death Insurance
Affordable financial protection for your loved ones
Trauma Insurance
Insurance that goes to work when you can't
Identity Theft Insurance
Identity theft is a growing problem throughout the world
Bill Cover Insurance
Don't worry about how to pay the bills and cover the basics